The Real Estate Property Guide for Sydney 2016
May 11, 2016


Sydney is the capital of New South Wales and the financial central of the Asia-Pacific region located nearby the southern end of Australia’s eastern coast. It is not the capital of Australia but it is a massively populated state and a popular one. It was declared as a city in 1842. Sydney has the world’s largest fish market. It is the most essential port in the South Pacific known for its Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House which are very famous especially to the tourists.

Harbour bridge and opera house in sydney


The advanced market economy of the state made way for the financial, manufacturing and tourism stability of Sydney. The 2000 Olympic Games was held in this state. Sydney is described as the finest harbor in the world and it is the center of Australia’s ICT industry. It is the 3rd bustling opera company in the world. In order to better understand and know this city, the professional removalist would like to share to you this property guide for Sydney 2016.



Sydney’s current estimated population for the year 2016 is 5.2M according to the Australia Population. The Land area of the city is 4,775.2 sq. mi while its population density is 372.4 people per square kilometer.


Population, land area, density of Sydney




Median Property Price

In case you are planning to relocate in the city of Sydney, you must have an idea about the property rates for references of your plan.



  • In 2010, the estimated amount for Median property sale price for the units is $525,000 and $95 for the median rent price rate of the houses.


Median Property Sale and rent Price



  • In 2012, the estimated amount for Median property sale price for the units is $562,000 and $450 for the median rent price rate of the houses.


Median price sale and rent sydney



  • In 2014, the estimated amount for Median property sale price for the houses is $750,000 and $542 for the median rent price rate of the houses.


Median price sale and rent sydney




Sydney is one of the world’s largest urban areas and the Central Business District (CBD) is the city’s urban center. There are a lot of Asian immigrants in Sydney and about 30% are foreign born. North Shore, Sydney Airport, Sutherland Shire, Liverpool, Bankstown, Campbelltown, Penrith, Blacktown, Parramatta, Hornsby, Chatswood, Sydney City are the suburbs of Sydney to name a few. Darling Point, Edgecliff, Double Bay, and Vaucluse are known suburbs for having the most exclusive and upscale area including the Balmain district and bohemian neighborhood. Kirribili and McMahon’s point are areas surrounding the business district and harbor-front suburbs.


There are a lot of suburbs within Sydney that you can live in, there are area near cafes and beaches for those who want to relax and to stay away from the busy places, there are localities which are ideal for those families who have children where the environment is good and recreational activities are being offered, places for singles and professionals who want to pursue their careers are not hard to find. It really depends on your preferences on what suburb would suit you, but there is an assurance that Sydney can offer you a place. Sydney is often being describe as a beautiful place, not only because of its hidden paradises, but also the good people who lives in it. In other suburbs it won’t be unusual for people to greet you when you passes by. Sydney is not only a fabulous city, but it also has a peaceful community.



Property Tax Rates

The Residential Property Rate of Sydney had the biggest inflation for the year 2015 according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) but the demand stayed strong. The land tax of Sydney is based on the NSW Government tax regulations wherein it applies on the land disregard if the land brings in the income.


Table of property tax in nsw





The state gives importance to the education of the people, children who are 6 to 15 years old are required and encourage to attend primary and secondary education. The state has a variety of choices for public, private and catholic schools that you can select for your children depending on the quality of education and environment that you preferred.

University of Sydney


University of Sydney is known for teaching and research institution, it is an internationally honored school and it is Australia’s oldest university. Macquarie University and University of South Wales are universities in metropolitan area who offers quality education.



Job Market

According to an article from The Daily Reckoning Australia (The Verdict on the Australian Economy in 2016) BoA foresee a 2.7% increase in Australia’s GDP.

Sydney is the center for the financial, shipping, industrial and financial of Australia and 75% of the employment of New South Wales is from Sydney. The industry for tourism, entertainment, transport and retailing is also the prime source of market in Sydney. The Job Market in Sydney is better compared to the unemployment rate of the early quarters of 2015. Despite of the expected job losses on the state, investments level can hopefully provide jobs to cover the losses.



Crime Rate

Sydney is an area where the Safe City Strategy is being implemented. Since it is the center of industry, the New South Wales Police Service are making sure that the safety of the people is a top priority. The city’s framework is being given importance by improving the lighting, cameras, and emergency tools. There is a safety task force around the city and the community are given safety education. The crime rate in Sydney is low but there are still occasional crimes occurring in the area especially in the central business district.

 Brave Police

source: trueblueline.net




Sydney is also a multi-cultural city and there are organizations who are ensuring the welfare of the migrants and refugees in order to introduce Australia to them while preserving their own culture and identity. There are also training centers where you can get short courses for language, painting, cooking, performing arts and technology in order to enhance your knowledge and skills.

Sydney is also offering youth programs to guide the teenagers and young adults. They are also supporting the older people to engage on activities to make them active and to involve them in the community. A lot of recreational activities are being provided for the community and there are many child care around the area. Public and private hospitals and clinics are also accessible.



Top Spots to visit

Quay Restaurant, it is the 58th world’s best restaurants. This is one of the best place to dine while having a view at the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge.

The Bridge Room is also a top pick in Sydney, it is awarded as the restaurant of the year and 84th world’s best restaurants.

Sydney Botanic Gardens, the best place for the people who want to stroll around with the nature. This place is surrounded by different kinds of flowers and greenery.

Bondi Beach, one of the most famous and top beaches in Australia. It has a great sand and very clean water.

The Queen Victoria Building, a haven for those who loves shopping, it offers variety of options starting from clothes to bags. The building itself is a marvelous one.


Beaches and restaurants