The Fascinating Sydney City
May 3, 2016

The 2016 Real Estate Guide for Sydney City



Sydney City, the fourth biggest and rapid growing local government area in Australia. Sydney City is also the Central Business District, it is basically the commercial center of Sydney, New South Wales. This is a real busy suburb, it is a perfect place for the professionals who want to pursue their careers and for individuals looking for great opportunities. A suburb of beautiful places and sanctuaries where you can enjoy a tour.

Landscape of sydney City

In case you are planning to move to this suburb, there are important things that you need to know about its real estate. This is a simple walk through to the great Sydney City.



The current population count of Sydney City is 211,695 and its estimated number in 2036 will be 280,964 with a 69,269 growth in population after 10 years.


Population, land area, density of Sydney


Median Property Rates

If you are planning to live in this suburb you would probably want to know the rates of their units. Sydney City is a very busy place and it is commercial, there a lot of buildings and houses are few, therefore, you will be expecting a higher price rates when it come to their units.


  • The Median Property Sale Price for the units in 2010 is $525,000 while the Property Rent Price is $650, and $95 for the Median Rent Price for the houses.


Median Property Sale and rent Price



  • The Median Property Sale Price for the units in 2012 is $562,000 while the Property Rent Price is $720, and $450 for the Median Rent Price for the houses.


Edian price sale and rent sydney city



  • The Median Property Sale Price for the units in 2014 is $750,000 while the Property Rent Price is $700, and $542 for the Median Rent Price for the houses.


Median price sale and rent sydney city




The Family Structure in Sydney City consists of different compositions and roles.  The City is being lived mostly by individuals who are single, single parent families, couples without children and group households, there is a small percentage for couples with children around the suburb. Since the environment of the city is very fast-paced, busy, crowded and noisy it is more convenient for the working individuals rather than for those who have children especially the young ones. For it being a commercial city, the lifestyle is more expensive compared to other suburbs and heavy traffic is always expected. The city is ideal for professionals, singles and tourist.



Property Tax

Property tax is very important to a state. These taxes that are being collected from the property owners are being used as funds of the local governments and state. This budget is allotted for the funding of the services of the local governments and state.

Sydney City’s Property Tax is from the extent of New South Wales Land Taxation. Below are the Property Tax Rates:


Table of property tax in nsw



There are several schools that you can choose from in Sydney City, there are public, private and Christian schools, colleges and universities that will qualify to your needs and wants in terms of quality and environment. You can select from a range of selective and non-selective schools.


Job Market

Sydney City is a commercial area, there are plenty of small and big agencies for advertising around, Information Technology positions are also in demand. On the line of professional work it is easier to break-in if you have at least few years of experience. Part-time jobs are also available as well as online agencies.


Crime Rate

Sydney City is generally a really safe place, but it’s not advisable to go to underground, dark, red district places especially if you are alone, but during the day it is safer. You must be very alert since the city is a busy and crowded place, which makes it easier for activities like pickpocket and snatching to be done. The place is kind of loud especially at night but the police stations are accessible and the people around are good.  Better be cautious all the time.



If you are planning to explore Sydney City, Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera house are the top highlights of the area. There are also great beaches in the suburb including Bondi Beach and Manly Beach. Art lovers would want definitely need to visit Museum of Contemporary Art Australia. Finding good restaurants won’t be a problem in this city.

Sydney City Landscape sunset



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